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If you’ve ever dreamt of using your Mac like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, by making 3D gestures in space, that day is finally here. Leap Motion announced today that they’re shipping their eponymous motion-control device and have launched the software to control it. The $79.99 Leap Motion controller works with OS X and Windows.

Leap Motion came to the public’s attention when they unveiled their hardware controller in 2012. The device enables people to control computers with hand and finger movements, gesturing in the 3D space in front of the computer instead of wielding a mouse or trackpad. The company first expected to ship its controller in 2012 but software delays pushed the release back to last week.

The Leap Motion Controller works in conjunction with specially-designed software – the company counts 75 applications so far, and growing. Leap Motion has also set up a Web site called Airspace to help provide an easy way for users to find and download software for their Leap Motion Controller. The apps run the gamut: games, music-making software, photo apps, science, productivity and more.

Leap Motion expects the controllers to be in U.S. Best Buy stores beginning July 28, 2013.