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The move on the part of three large German ISPs to provide more secure email, marketed as “Email made in Germany” (Deutsche Telekom’s part specifically was mentioned here yesterday), has drawn sharp criticism from security experts, according to a report at Ars. Among those experts are members of the Chaos Computing Club, and GPGMail lead Lukas Pitschl, who responded to the move from Deutsche Telekom, GMX, and to encrypt all email in transmission with SMTP TLS : “‘If you really want to protect your e-mails from prying eyes, use OpenPGP or S/MIME on your own desktop and don’t let a third-party provider have your data,’ he told Ars. ‘No one of the “E-Mail made in Germany” initiative would say if they encrypt the data on their servers so they don’t have access to it, which they probably don’t and thus the government could force them to let them access it.'”

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