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From Irish culture to finding a green beer, these are the best iPhone and iPad apps to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year!

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again and whether you want to spend it just like any other day or you want to head out and find a pub with friends, there’s an app for that. From leprechaun themed games to social apps that can help you find the perfect pub, there’s something for everyone. But which are the best ones?

Pub Finder

Who are we kidding? The one thing that a majority of people do on St. Patrick’s day is head to a local bar or pub. If you’re after a more traditional experience, you should aim for the latter and go to a pub. Pub Finder tells you where to find them and even shows reviews. If you’re a regular beer drinker you can even sign up for an account, rate brews, and rack up points while competing with other brew experts.

If you want a traditional St. Patrick’s Day experience, you’ll need to find a pub. And for that task, there’s Pub Finder.


DrinkAdvisor isn’t convenient just for drinking holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, but all year round. You can check out different kinds of drinks, bars, ratings, and lots more. You can even add your friends and see what they’re up to. Not everyone is a beer drinker and that’s okay.

If you plan on going out but want information on local spots and want more than beer, check out DrinkAdvisor.

Flappy Pat

Admit it, you aren’t completely over Flappy Bird just yet. Luckily there’s Flappy Pat to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day occasion. It’s the same deal but replaces the bird with Pat, a leprechaun that needs help collecting shamrocks and navigating through pipes.

If you have a secret Flappy Bird addiction, add a little festivity for St. Patrick’s Day by checking out Flappy Pat instead.

Food 52

Food 52 specializes in giving food ideas for all kinds of occasions. From drinks to starts to main courses, the possibilities are endless. Not only are the recipes accompanied by gorgeous photos, the steps are easily explained so you can follow along without having to be a master chef.

If you’re planning on having people over for St. Patrick’s Day and want to make something different, be sure to give Food 52 a try.

Ireland Travel Guide by Triposo

Even if you aren’t going to Ireland any time soon, or ever, it never hurts to learn about other cultures. The Ireland Travel Guide lets you check out different areas of the country, view photos, read some history, and more. You can break the country down by regions too in order to get an idea of the geography. In case you ever are in Ireland, the app gives great suggestions of things to do as well.

If you want to know more about Ireland itself, be sure to check out Ireland Travel Guide.

Your picks?

If you’ve downloaded some apps to your iPhone or iPad to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let me know in the comments what they are. Also don’t forget to let us know how you plan on spending the holiday!