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Originally billed as a private network for families and friends to share lasting memories, Path is now making a radical departure from that vision, transforming itself into an ephemeral messaging service. Rather than as an archive for family memories, Path’s business model has changed to self-destructing messages that puts it in direct competition with services like Snapchat.

"As of June 11th, anything sent through Path messaging became 24 hour ephemeral," the company says of its new business model. "This means that all messages are automatically removed from our servers 24 hours after being sent, including any old messages." Path advises that if you want to save messages, you’ll have to manually do so yourself.

This applies to messages stored in a user’s sandbox and not to timelines, according to the company.

It’s unclear how this change will affect Path and its subscribers. Though the service isn’t too big in the West, Path had accumulated a decent number of worldwide users, many of whom are located in Southeast Asia, on its old business model.

Is this a change that would make Path more attractive as a service to you? In the digital age where bits make memories disposable, it seems that Path is disposing of its film-like scrapbook heritage.

Source: Pando Daily