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David Sparks:

When Apple first announced this new system, I expected it would be
years before we saw it on iPhones. The iPhone is the lifeblood of
Apple and changing filesystems can sometimes cause problems. Now
here we are less than 12 months after announcement and Apple’s
installing APFS across all iPhones and iPads.

Following my usual “fire, ready, aim” philosophy about these
things, I already updated all of my iOS devices and while the
update took a while (converting a file system is never a fast
process), everything went just fine and devices are all working
just like before. Indeed, I’m writing this post on my updated
iPad Pro.

I upgraded my phone today, and it did seem to me that it took an unusual amount of time. Understandable, considering it was changing the file system. This is one of those things where if it all goes according to plan, normal people will have no idea it happened. But for us nerds, what Apple pulled off today seems almost impossible — tens of millions of devices are being upgraded to an altogether brand new file system, in place, silently. My sincere congratulations to Apple’s file system team on a job well done.